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The most important aspect of the blood banking industry is the community of donors who make this all possible for patients in need.


“Due to the nature of the violations, FDA believes that there is little risk to blood and blood product recipients, and has found no evidence to suggest that these violations resulted in serious health consequences in recipients,” said Sarah Peddicord, an FDA spokeswoman.

All donors who test positive for any virus on the initial screening are sent a notification letter and the donation is immediately discarded. Our letter was deemed not urgent enough and has been clarified and updated with specifications.

USBB are taking corrective actions to ensure we remain in compliance with the applicable current good manufacturing practices and reporting requirements.

We take this suspension letter very seriously and are working diligently to correct the FDA observations.




United States Blood Bank






Our Mission

The United States Blood Bank, Inc is dedicated to providing a reliable, economical, and high quality supply of the safest blood products in partnership with volunteer donors.

Making a Real Difference
The United States Blood Bank is an FDA licensed and AABB accredited blood center that is dedicated to encouraging blood donations and raising awareness about the importance of our mission. That is why we offer free information about our blood bank, the different types of blood, and how you can host your own blood drive. Independently hosted blood drives are the key to attaining the amount of donations our hospitals need to help patients during medical emergencies.

Donating blood is one of the most generous things you can do to help save another person's life. At the United States Blood Bank based in Miami, Florida, we make giving blood easier and more available to everyone who is willing to help our cause. We even offer the opportunity for you to host your own blood drive.



Contact us in Miami, Florida, with any questions and to find out more information about hosting a blood drive.